The Hitting Slumps

How to get yourself back on track at the plate

Hitting a baseball has and will always be a very humbling experience.  No matter how well you may be hitting the ball it can all take a turn for the worst.  The good hitters tend to be hot and cold while the great hitters are consistent.  Consistency at the plate is the holy grail of hitting.  A slump is a difficult time for any player and we at Diamond Dreams know that supporting our players through these patches is the key to fixing their mechanics, regaining their confidence, and getting them back on track.

When you are hot at the plate, you feel that no pitch will beat you, the gaps are bigger, the grass plays faster, and the fielders move slower.  So why does it all seem to reverse so quickly when the slump rears its ugly head? Many say hitting is all about “confidence” and, for the most part, they are spot on.  I like to think that confidence is a by-product of practice and preparation.  Mechanically, a player can enter a slump when a mechanical error in the swing creeps in.  Either you have developed a bad habit while you were swing the bat so well, or you have simply gotten away from your good habits.

Working closely with our players at Diamond Dreams allows us to get a complete understanding of that player’s swing inside and out. No matter how good a hitter or how high the level you are playing at, every hitter can fall into a slump.  When our players are going well, this is the time we take video so that good swings are documented and saved to study later.  Having good hitting video is a valuable tool for our players as they can always review their good swings and compare them to the swings they are taking on any given day.

Every swing has a lot of moving parts and if viewed as a whole, can look rather complex.  Simplifying the swing by breaking down each moving part is a great way to identify where the bad habits are so positive adjustments can be made.  Our coaches speak at length with all of our players no matter how young or old they are about their swing and their approach at the plate.  This verbal dialogue helps our players better understand themselves as hitters.  We believe when our players speak about their swings, they become more aware of what they are trying to achieve.

Hard work, video, and many repetitions under expert eyes are the best remedies for curing a mechanical slump.  There is no one way to approach hitting a baseball just as there is no one way to teach hitting a baseball.  Diamond Dreams strives to understand all of our players’ strengths and weaknesses to maximize their performance.

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