Diamond Dreams winter fitness program is great! Coming off an injury, I have been inactive for some time and thought I could do very little to help myself. Being a part of the winter program, I am successfully rehabbing my injury while improving my fitness. The camaraderie is great and has helped my tremendously.

- Sophie Barbaro

As a parent I saw a desire in my child that I could not ignore. The coaches have an intrinsic understanding of the game and how they approach teaching ‘the game’ is a style that is best appreciated not explained.

- Eli Carico

Towards the end of what was a long 12 months of playing, I was seeing my areas for improvement and it was strength and quickness. Craig and the trainers at Diamond Dreams have put together a great program for me which has already seen me improve my strength and much needed speed.

- Sebastian McAlister

Diamond Dreams group training has helped me a lot. I feel the difference now and looking at where I was and seeing when I am not with my fitness is a great feeling.

- Ky Jackson

This is a quality training program. I don’t want to be the best I can, I want to be the best. I have been pushed to achieve the goals set by myself and the trainers and if you have a goal to be the best, see Diamond Dreams.

- D .Clarke

Diamond Dreams Sports Coaching is the best program in NSW. Not only for the knowledge in baseball and fitness, but their facilities are first class. Their passion for helping me improve has helped me stay focused, stay hungry, and get better.

- Luke Passmore