Rain Rain Go Away!

Sydneysiders are in the midst of some absolutely miserable weather. We’ve experienced virtually zero summer weather, and with all the rain I have been sensing a growing frustration amongst players, coaches, and parents alike.

“With all this rain my child has not had a chance to do too much, let’s hope the weather clears up and we can get back in to it.”

It doesn’t matter what level of competition you are playing at, using the rain as a reason for not practicing is always an excuse. As a former coach of mine once said “if it looks like an excuse, smells like an excuse, and sounds like an excuse, guess what? It’s an excuse!” Ray Birmingham, New Mexico Junior College Thunderbirds 2005 National Champions Head Coach.

For those of you who have used the rain as a reason to avoid making yourself a better player I ask you this. Is it reasonable to assume that anyone who has reached the major leagues, they did so because they rarely experienced bad weather? I think not! Only the athletes who do not slow down regardless of the weather will be able to reach their goals.

When the weather is bad, (well within reason) there is still much that you can do to improve your game.

Examples Include:
  • Playing catch
  • Taking ground balls with an old glove and old ball on a netball court or artificial cricket pitch
  • Conditioning
  • Front toss batting practice in to a net
  • Playing wiffle ball indoors

A little rain never hurt anyone. And I have a great solution for it…wait for it…bring extra clothes! There is always something that can be done in less than desirable conditions. It is never too early to start improving your physical conditioning either. No excuses!


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