Get The Most Out Of Your Instruction

Have you ever concluded an instructional session with a coach and thought “wow, I really didn’t learn a whole lot today”! Everyone has at some point. But before you conclude that the instructor ‘just isn’t knowledgeable enough’; consider the possibility that you didn’t ask the right questions or enough questions.

Great coaches are very knowledgeable, can communicate well and relate to the players, and generally make even the most grueling sessions fun. But for all the coaches out there who possibly lack a little in these areas, many can still be valuable resources for you. But you need to ask them ‘why’!

‘Why’ can often be the best question to ask a coach. If you are instructed to perform a task in a particular fashion, or execute a movement, ask the coach ‘why’. A good coach will not take this as a criticism of their knowledge, rather as an opportunity to further explain themselves. By asking the question, you also stand a better chance of retaining the information, rather than just listening to an instructor dictate for an hour.

There will be days that even the best coaches will give you too much information, essentially overloading your brain. If you feel this happening, inform the coach you would prefer to focus on a narrow set of instructions. There is nothing worse than retaining virtually nothing from a session after attempting to follow too many instructions. After all, instructional sessions are not designed to increase performance in 1 hour timeslots; rather they are designed to increase your performance after the session is concluded.

So, always remember, don’t always leave it up to your coach to determine whether or not you have a successful session. Ask questions and be engaged in what is being said. If a coach needs to slow down or speed up, let them know.

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